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#sunrise #mass on the #beach for #easter . It shows me that truly God is everywhere . From the sounds of nature all around us to the multiple #diverse groups at the mass . It was #beautiful . #happyeaster #happyJesusResurrectionDay #catholic #God #beauty #latinoCommunity #polishCommunity #indiancommunity #filipinocommunity #Nyc #brooklyn (at The Boardwalk @ Brighton Beach)

It’s still #nationalsiblingday. So I wasn’t given blood sisters , but even better I was blessed with powerful and wonderful sisters who surround me . So here goes from top left to bottom right . @eemonster thank you for being my first sis . We will always have #spring2010 I love you. @_alyssa0920 biggie you are an amazing friend and confident . Loves you! @helenaa53 we are always busy bees but when we come together it’s like no Time passed . Love you habibi . #instagramlessAMANDA sis you are one of the baddest chicks I know . Love you mucho! @quiana642 only person I know with no selfies -_- thank you got being my rock when I need you most . I love you to the moon and back . @xserii you have been the

Happy sibling day to my brothers . Wiwi ( Wil) thank you for always being there and being a second father figure to me . I love you more than words can express . Toti (justin )thank you for being my other half . It’s like being twins but 10 years apart. Love you so much!!! Xoxoxoxoxo

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