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#chichenitza #mayanruins #mayans our tour guide had us scream HOLA to see what happens to our voices and echos . because of the measurements the Mayans had between their pyramids : it caused several vibrations to bounce back and forth. So your voice cuts off and then reappears several seconds later after the 7 vibrations have bounced . (at yucatan mexico)

Between days 3 and 4 . TOP left : sunset from our balcony . TOP right : my outfit before the club but then I got sick :( and didn’t go . BOTTOM left: before my massage . BOTTOM right : what I woke up to every morning @cecychavez__ she was cute though lol

#chichenitza #part2 had to crop some lady out of my pic cause she wanted a selfie lol … Top right are scultpures of the virginMary, bottom left : is @cecychavez__ and I at the park . We still don’t know what town we were in . Bottom right : is a senote or zonot in Mayan , was believed to lead to the underworld . So Jackie didn’t go In it lol

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